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Parts & Service Warranties

Parts Warranty

  1. Parts are supplied in accordance with the manufacturers’ specific warranty (if any).
  2. Topline Mechanical Pty Ltd GIVES NO WARRANTY in respect of parts.
  3. Where this invoice covers the supply of USED PARTS OR COMPONENTS?
    1. Topline Mechanical Pty Ltd gives no warranty either impliedly or otherwise?
    2. Used parts are strictly non returnable and no credit returns will be given?
    3. All procurement costs including freight costs incurred are invoiced to the customers account.

Workshop Services Warranty

  1. The warranty period is the earlier of 90 days from the date of completion of the service or one thousand (1,000) hours of operation.
  2. Topline Mechanical Pty Ltd shall perform any reasonably necessary work to remedy any faulty workmanship of Topline Mechanical Pty Ltd for which Topline Mechanical Pty Ltd receives notification during the warranty period.
  3. Topline Mechanical Pty Ltd shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind including without limitation, economic, moral, direct, immediate, indirect or consequential damage to property or persons other than its liability under the warranty contained in clause 5 hereof.
  4. Work carried out by Topline Mechanical Pty Ltd pursuant to clause 5 hereof shall not be commenced until written acceptance of the warranty claim has been given by management of Topline Mechanical Pty Ltd.
  5. All costs of and incidental to transportation of equipment or parts to and from the workshop of Topline Mechanical Pty Ltd shall be borne by the customer unless otherwise agreed by the management of Topline Mechanical Pty Ltd in writing.
  6. No other warranties are given or implied except as required by law.